Saturday, August 29, 2009

7 Months Old

Well Mary Emmett is 7 months old today! She thinks she is a lot older! She is sitting up all by herself, she has 2 teeth (finally) on the bottom and one that is coming in on the top. The fussiness and Tylenol nights have ended (thank goodness!) She still likes to put everything in her mouth but I am hoping the worst of the teething has come and gone! She is still talking lots and she hasn't quite pulled herself up or crawled but she is definitely trying to figure it out! I will put her down on her play gym mat and come back in the room and she is 10 feet away from it. She just rolls everywhere. Its really funny because she doesn't roll in a continuous motion. She rolls half of the way...stops...then rolls the rest of the way. Its very cute. She is still loving all the food I give her and I haven't found anything she doesn't like!

In other news, Mary Emmett is about to be a big city girl! We are moving Sept 28th to NYC! We are going for 14 months for Robbie's job. It will be a fun adventure for all of us. I have already found several things to do with Mary Emmett while we are there. We are going to take several classes at this place I found and hopefully we will meet other mothers and kids there!

Here are some pics of her recently. Enjoy!

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Roger Cole said...

lovin this cute city girl!!!!! Good luck mel! keep in touch! love, sarah ella